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Outdoor Mystery Shoots

Updated: May 27, 2023

Are you ready for an extraordinary photographic adventure filled with intrigue and surprise? Look no further than the Mystery Shoot Concepts offered in the beautiful surroundings of Asheville, NC. As the photographer, I have meticulously crafted a series of unique visions that will transport you into a world of creativity and art. Whether you're a seasoned model or simply curious about exploring new experiences, these concepts are designed to captivate and inspire. So, why wait? Embrace the unknown and let's delve into the magic of these mystery shoots, this time it's an OUTDOOR ADDITION.

The beauty of the Mystery Shoot Concepts lies in their unpredictability. When you book a session, you enter into a realm where you select a random concept without knowing what it entails. Each concept has been carefully conceptualized, story-boarded, and adorned with hand-picked props and accessories, all intended to bring your vision to life. From the moment you book your session, a sense of anticipation builds as you prepare for an extraordinary day of creativity.

As each model embarks on this artistic voyage, they are prepared for the unexpected. The entire theme of the shoot will remain a secret until the day of the session. This element of surprise adds an extra layer of excitement and allows you to fully immerse yourself in the moment, embracing the artistry as it unfolds. With every mystery shoot, you will step into a world that is unlike anything you've experienced before. The only thing revealed before the day of are location details and the wardrobe suggestions.

As a photographer, I had the incredible opportunity to bring to life five unique and surprising concepts, capturing the essence of spontaneity, imagination, and artistry. Join me on this enchanting journey as I share the stories behind each mystery shoot and the magic that unfolded on set.

  1. Saturated Periwinkle:

The first mystery shoot featured the vibrant concept of "Saturated Periwinkle." With Lindsey as the model, we embarked on a playful adventure. The theme incorporated a purple swimsuit, a water gun, plastic colors, and even a blow-up pool. Despite the unexpected rain that poured down at the end, Lindsey embraced the spontaneity, capturing the essence of the vibrant vibe we had envisioned. The resulting images beautifully showcased the joy and energy of the shoot.

Vision board:

  1. Alluring Angelic Opposition:

For the second concept, "Alluring Angelic Opposition," I sought to create a vision that pushed boundaries and defied conventions. The location was the breathtaking Frying Pan Tower, and to participate, one needed to conquer any fear of heights. Models Katie and Virginia graced the shoot, donning flowing dresses and adorned with red and black wings. As we hiked and overcame challenges, the models demonstrated remarkable resilience. The resulting images captured the ethereal beauty of their contrasting attire against the striking backdrop of the tower.

Vision Board:

  1. Downloading the Void:

With the third concept, "Downloading the Void," I aimed to create something abstract and magical. Three models joined me on this enchanting journey, dressing as green ethereal goddesses. I borrowed swords and an axe from my friend Vvitch to add a touch of mystique. Together, we brought "the void" to life using molar sheets, creating an otherworldly atmosphere. Despite a model dropping out, the shoot went on, and the resulting images exuded a captivating and almost mystical aura.

Vision Board:

  1. Reflective Musing:

"Reflective Musing" marked the fourth mystery shoot, a concept I had yearned to bring to life for years. Baylee, a brave and adventurous model, embraced the challenge. The vision involved a bed floating in a body of water, a symbol of tranquility and reflection. With the air mattress perfectly positioned, the scene became a testament to the beauty of collaboration and the realization of artistic dreams. Overwhelmed by the outcome, tears of gratitude flowed as I witnessed the beauty that unfolded before my eyes.

Vision Board:

  1. Bonus: Fable Forest:

As an added delight, a revealed mystery concept named "Fable Forest" presented an opportunity to showcase the magical artistry of Tanasia, Maia, Iris, and the paper mache mushrooms they crafted. Vaun, a beautiful hair stylist, served as the model, bringing life to the enchanting atmosphere we had envisioned. This concept came to fruition from our collaborative effort in making the paper mache mushrooms for my bridal shower. The result was a fairy-tale-like setting that delighted the senses and ignited the imagination.

Vision Board:

The Mystery Shoot Concepts allowed me to push the boundaries of my creativity, capturing the essence of surprise and enchantment through photography. Each shoot brought forth unique challenges, unexpected moments, and breathtaking beauty. From playful water gun battles to ethereal goddesses and floating beds, these concepts transcended traditional photography and became windows into a world where art and imagination reign supreme. The joy and gratitude I felt for the models who embraced the unknown and allowed me to capture their essence cannot be overstated through the Mystery Shoot Concepts.

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