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Veronica Stein was born in Massachusetts and currently resides in Asheville, NC. She primary shoots DSLR and Mirrorless canon cameras. She focuses on empowering photography where her subjects can release their trauma through artistic expression. Stein depicts the human body among nature and how it mimics and flows with each other. 

Stein trained in photographic imaging at The Art Institute of Charleston and received her bachelors degree in 2012. Her art shows include her duo mixed media art show with her sister Emiliana The Lucid Distortion (King Dusko, 2013) and her solo show Rise (The Purple Buffalo, 2018).

Currently Stein is running her own freelance photography business outside the Blue Ridge Mountains and is currently exploring mixed media photography in resin. 

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“Releasing trauma through art.”

Veronica Stein

Artist Statement

Since childhood I remember feeling like I didn’t fit in. My purpose didn’t feel clear, nor did I feel like I belonged in any one group. Always searching for a place, the only constant I felt was home was in art. My family encouraged my artistic eye and I felt encouraged to dig deeper.

Following my passion for the arts, I received a bachelor’s degree in photographic imaging from The Art Institute of Charleston in 2012 where I mainly focused on fashion. As I dove deeper into starting my own business in Charleston, SC; I felt disconnected in a field that was mainly superficial. There were (and still are) many pressures on social media to be flawless and edit out the everyday imperfections. Struggling with my own mind daily was crippling. 

As my story unfolded I found recovery and overcame my addiction to escapism. Finally I did not feel like filling the emptiness, I began to heal.  As I worked through my past, I began to attract others doing their own work. Everyday I am grateful to be able to help visually tell other humans stories and amplify their experiences. 

I am currently residing and creating among the Blue Ridge mountains in Asheville, NC. As my artistic story unfolds, I discover more about myself as a human. As I move through life and the difficulties I see myself grow into my true self and align with others on their unique journey. My shadow work is done through my visionary journey, behind and in front of the lens. Releasing trauma through art and helping others find their way makes this world more connected. My dream is that everyone can find their balance and I can help to be a part of that puzzle. 

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