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One-on-One Advice

Ever wonder how you could be your own boss and follow your passion for photography or art full time? Maybe you want to travel and still make money while you do it? Or you’re a model and not sure how to stand out or even begin the portfolio process? You may just want a fresh set of eyes to give you feed back on a project or photography series you’ve been working on. 

We can discuss any artist problems you have, you don’t have to brainstorm solo. I can help!

Why Me? 

I’m passionate about my art and love to help others reach their goals and heal through it. I completed my Bachelors in Photographic Imaging and I’ve been working in the field for nine years. 2018 I branched out on my own to go head first into my photography business solo. Now I’m living the life creating art and traveling. I’m excited to share my knowledge and skills with other artists to help them reach their highest potential.  Let create!

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Mini Sessions:

Let me walk you through a problem you’ve been stuck on. We can brainstorm together to get the inspiration you need. This can be face to face (for locals) or via Skype. 

Weekly Packages:

Maybe you need more step by step attention through a portfolio or business rebrand. You will get a six-week sessions one on one attention to reach your dreams.  This can be face to face (for locals) or via Facetime/Zoom/Skype. 

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