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Tarot Deck 

Deck Title: Balance of Duality

Artist Statement: Healing trauma through art. As artists, we are inherently healers. We create and work through our own personal duality of light and dark. While journeying through our own shadow work it will lead us to our truth. We will never reach perfectionism, just the highest form of self expression and uniqueness.  My hope is that this deck helps you on along your travels as an intimate guide through your own spiritual circle.

The deck will be launched in by Fall Equinox. The date and event (COVID permitting) will be released closer to fall. My deck will include 78 cards like the traditional Ryder Wait deck and will come with a box and guide book. Each card is a beautiful photographic art piece from Vibrating Visions featuring a carefully thought out muse and props.

The decks will be sold for $100 each and I’m looking at 250 being printed. Pre sale price is $80 and $70 for models featured (limit one per model). Message me for whole sale prices.

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