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Patreon Artist Success Webinar

**summary PDF course and recording from the live

e-mail for the live link!


By a full time female business owner of 7 years, photographer of 20 years with consistent earnings on partreon since February 2019!



I will share with you how l used patreon to build financial stability, boost my annual income, and make my daily activities profitable.

Whether I am actively working in new cities, adventuring, taking time off, my loyal fans have continuously supported me, some for the entire 5 years.



- Effective pricing approaches

- Thought-provoking journaling prompts to refine your vision

- Guidance on time management and crafting compelling content

  - Enhancing feed flow for increased engagement

  - Strategies for upselling tiers

  - Establishing connections with your fans

  - Tactics for effective promotion and marketing

  - Cultivating fan loyalty and delivering high-quality art

  - Establishing and maintaining boundaries

- Interactive Q&A session


summary PDF course and recording.


Patreon Artist Success PDF & Video recording

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