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2022 Tarot Deck Calendar

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Tarot deck calendar

Each calendar has a tarot spread with art from The Balance of Duality Deck for each month. The mini forecasts of each month are based around each zodiac major arcana card that aligns with the month and two other supporting cards pulled by Veronica Stein. Each calendar also comes with a QR code with a link to the video with the full readings video and text. These make perfect Yule holiday gifts for loved ones.

You can follow along here in this video, detailed monthly pulls are below.

In the guide I have included each zodiac pull for the month and two co pulls for the month. I spent a long time meditating and doing these readings for this year. I hope you enjoy this glance into 2022 with me. So mote it be!


Devil = Capricorn

Meaning: You are stuck in the attachment of your shadow self; you are in a vortex. This might include addiction, self-harm, denial, and unhealthy sexual habits.

Mantra: Moving through the uncomfortable is where I find freedom.

  • The Empress

Meaning: This represents the Mother-reatrix and stability. This represents the grand birthing of life, romance, art, or a new career.

Mantra: I channel the feminine creator power into my life.

  • The World

Meaning: This is a grand time for celebration. You will be celebrated publicly for your hard work and determination. You have reached your dreams!

Mantra: I create my dream reality.

First glance -

A very powerful pull of three major arcana cards is a brilliant start to the year. These three cards together encourage you to face your demons, step into the high feminine love and complete the cycle that you have been working so hard at. Within this trifecta the success of your new year is high.


Star = Aquarius

Meaning: A beautiful fresh start of hope and spirituality. You have been given a new view of a situation or life.

Mantra: I am grateful and hopeful of my present and future.

-6 of Swords

Meaning: It’s time to move on; this could be a situation or partnership.

Mantra: As I close one door, I open a new one.

-3 of Wands

Meaning: All of your hard work and belief in yourself, has left you ready to set sail.

Mantra: My hard work is for my abundant future.

First glance- Step into your spiritual practice with a fresh outlook for this month. As you tie up the loose ends, remember that closure is sometimes doing better for yourself and moving on. Focus on self love and friendship during these rotating times.


Moon = Pisces

Meaning: There is illusion and fear surrounding your subconscious.

Mantra: I move with ease through all changes and phases.

-Ace of Wands

Meaning: If you are waiting for a sign…this is your ‘YES’. That dream you have had for so long, those seeds you have been waiting to plant, the one thing you’ve always wanted…it’s time to begin. This doesn’t mean this won’t take work, but it’s time to get started.

Mantra: The seeds I plant grow into fruit.

-The Tower

Meaning: When you do not listen to your true calling, the universe will help you by destroying everything in your path to clear the way. This shift is happening; you must find the light in the chaos and flip the paradigm. It’s time.

Mantra: Destruction will clear the path for my truth.

First look-all these cards are saying it’s time for change! Now is go time. This may seem scary at first but it’s very exciting and new. Lean into it.


Emperor = Aries

Meaning: This represents the masculine energy and the ‘stable leader’ role in your life. You have worked hard establishing boundaries and working on relationships in your flow.

Mantra: I channel the sacred masculine energy of leadership and boundaries into my life.

-King of Cups

Meaning: In simple terms, trust your heart. You know what you desire and need.

Mantra: I believe in my heart.

-Ace of Cups

Meaning: This card signifies a birth. This could be a pregnancy, a new relationship, or creation of a new project.

Mantra: All my ideas materialize into reality.

At first glance: The creation of a constant leader is born! It is time to fully trust in yourself and what is coming. The changes that have been calumniating the month before have solidified into brand new horizons for your path. Walk it with your head held high!


Hierophant = Taurus

Meaning: This card represents a wisdom bearer holding space for a coupling. This could be a partnership or business. This card encourages you to seek council, guidance, and spiritual pathways.

Mantra: I hold safe space for others and I continue to seek knowledge.

- 2 of Cups

Meaning: All signs point to harmony, peace, and unity.

Mantra: We are all one.

-The Magician

Meaning: It’s time to tap into your full potential and stop playing small. Step into deep change and trust that you have the tools you need. Lean into your own process.

Mantra: The magick of my full power is present today.

At a glance: This year has cleared many paths for you and now it’s time for you to take the healer role. You may have considered this but have been wary to step into this role, but now is that time. This could manifest as many faces, go with whichever one calls to your soul.


Lovers = Gemini

Meaning: The start of a relationship; the true beginning of a divine tie. This could be a crossroads or a choice in a current or future partnership.

Mantra: I am worthy of love and connection.

-King of Pentacles

Meaning: A generous man is in your future; this could be you. Sit back and relax.

Mantra: I am abundant and willing to allow wealth into my life.

-5 of Pentacles

Meaning: This card indicates a loss of income. Now is the time to lean on those around you; find common ground and connection.

Mantra: My life is full of healthy friendships and connections.

Af a glance: You can only receive abundantly when you are open. Learn to accept what others are offering you, whether that be money, help, advice or love. A true connection of friends or soul ties are in the making.


Chariot = Cancer

Meaning: It’s time to overcome hardships and move forward. You hold the power to let go of what is holding you back. This is your sign.

Mantra: The path forward is clear and I am ready to receive.

-Page of Wands

Meaning: An amazing new message is on the way to you! What you’ve been praying for and manifesting is about to be delivered.

Mantra: My heart is open to receive new information.

-6 of Cups

Meaning: This is your sign to let your inner child out to play. Time to go back into what awakens the child in you.

Mantra: I let my playful side appear and set boundaries for my mental health.

At first glance: Lean into youthful play this month. There are so many wonderful things on their way to you if you can release your inner child and look at things with a new perspective. Be open, be free and laugh from your belly.


Strength = Leo

Meaning: You have mastered inner turmoil and tamed the lion; channeling inner strength peacefully through flowing and moving through emotions. You have harnessed high vibration, energy force, and self-trust.

Mantra: I am in control of my destiny.

-9 of Wands

Meaning: Pulling this card signifies that you are an extremely strong person. You have endured many challenges and had to protect what is yours. Now is the time to loosen your grip and trust that the universe will give you what you deserve.

Mantra: The universe is working to deliver my desires.

-Ace of Swords

Meaning: New beginnings are happening and your success is about to overflow.

Mantra: My world is overflowing with abundance.

At a glance: Through everything that has happened, you are coming out reborn. The light is shining upon you this month overflowing with even more gifts and promises. Enjoy the abundance!


Hermit = Virgo

Meaning: There comes a point in your life where you must journey solo. You must make room for self-reflection and growth within yourself. Embrace this and move into this next chapter.

Mantra: I find home within myself.

-Queen of Pentacles

Meaning: A very reliable female figure is entering your life; this could be you or a benefactor.

Mantra: I am open to abundance and I am ready to receive.

-Knight of Swords

Meaning: It’s a stressful time of truths unfolding in your life.

Mantra: I am calm and accepting.

At a glance: You must relay on your own intuition and heart. You are ready to step into the feminine power with grace and solitude. You are your own guide, trust in that and you will know what is true.


Justice = Libra

Meaning: What is truth, is law. There is a fairness that comes with this and it is being made clear to you.

Mantra: I am honest and I seek the truth.

-Knight of Wands

Meaning: All of your blocks are being cleared and you are able to see the way. Energy is speeding up for you to expand your path. You are being called to travel and to integrate your tools into your life.

Mantra: I integrate knowledge and follow the path that appears.

-6 of Wands

Meaning: Victory is finally yours! The long journey towards your goals has finally come to completion. Enjoy this celebration as the winner.

Mantra: I celebrate all my victories, no matter what size.

At a glance: With all you practice, you know what is fair and true. There is a completion happening this month in your favor that you have a been a waiting.


Death = Scorpio

Meaning: Endings. You are closing out an era. It is your time to transform and evolve.

Mantra: The end is only a new beginning.

-4 of Cups

Meaning: This card is a sign that it is time to open up your heart again. It also could mean that you are stuck in a stagnant place and need to re-explore the reason why you began your career or passion.

Mantra: My heart is open and I am ready to receive new blessings.

-Page of Swords

Meaning: You have an abundance of information and clues coming to you in the form of other people.

Mantra: I trust who the universe puts in my path.

Af a valance: The tools of this year have been presented to you and it is time to use them in new ways. Step outside your own box this month to work with the information and plenty that has been given to you.


Temperance = Sagittarius

Meaning: You are flowing with purpose and vibrance. Maintain patience and keep your goal in mind.

Mantra: When I set intentions I am abundantly flowing.

-10 of Pentacles

Meaning: You have a huge gift or inheritance coming towards you.

Mantra: I welcome all gifts and abundance into my heart.

-2 of Pentacles

Meaning: This card indicates that you need to leverage your negotiation skills in order to get your income to flow freely.

Mantra: I speak clearly and confidently with my intentions.

At a glance: As long as you maintain your calm and balance, a gift is coming for you at the end of the year. Using all the tools you have mastered would be guaranteed tool for success.

If you would like to have our own Balance of Duality Deck you can purchase one one my website:

I also do in-depth tarot spread readings on zoom or in person. You can book me through my website or find me on Instagram @vibratingvisions

If you want to see the detailed reading video you can here:

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