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End of Summer Picnic

If you’re subscribed to my newsletter or follow me closely, you know I just completed my midwest tour. I started in small town of Madison WI, and then to the big city Chicago IL where adventures awaited me. The Windy City's spaces emerged as a vibrant playground for my creative spirit and I wanted to take advantage of the peerspace studios. Peerspace is a studio rental website I’ve used before for the school room, TV wall and rain room in NYC. In Asheville, I spaces are only white walls and mid-century homes for lifestyle shoots. In the bigger cities, people become more electic and creative with their spaces.

Emma booked her photoshoot with me a few months ago and launched this journey to the midwest into action. Our vision for her shoot shifted from motorcycles to a dreamy story of growing up on a special picnic. She found a quaint flower farm near us called J & L Pickin' Patch. The owners were professional and encouraging of our boudoir shoot.

We began in the dreamy, cottagecore white dress. A innocent girl, surrounded by the golden hour light, colors and fruit.

To tell the story and create dimension, I had asked Emma to bring some props to the shoot. Shifting into the domination and submissive of self and bringing out some BDSM gear to show the duality of each side of the model.

I am grateful to be able to explore in my art. From the intimate charm of the midwest to the roaring heartbeat of the metropolis, my art is finding a new note.

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