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Halloween Mystery Shoots

👻 You Asked for It... Mystery Shoots Halloween Edition! 🎃

Dive into the world of mystery photography where the concept is chosen before it's revealed! These exclusive sessions in Asheville, NC, were tailor-made for Halloween fans seeking an unforgettable experience.

🩸 Concepts Unveiled:

1. **Our Lady of Sorrows** - Model Zephyr embodied this hauntingly beautiful concept at the Saint Helens bridge, a location steeped in history and mystery. The model's intuitive choice resonated perfectly with the story behind the shoot.


2. **Dance with the Devil** - Featuring Baylee as the innocent counterpart and Kori as the devil, this mystical shoot unfolded in a majestic graveyard. The synergy between friends added a magical touch to the ethereal scene.


3. **Killer House Wife** - Set in the photographer's own kitchen, model Katie brought this concept to life with her style perfectly complementing the eerie yet cute theme. The familiar setting added depth and a personal touch to the shoot.


4. **Girl Scout Candy Girl in Studio** - Model Samantha embodied this sweet concept inspired by her high school nickname, 'Candy.' The meticulous recreation of candy sets and the iconic lollipop from a previous performance added a delightful twist to the shoot.


5. **Barbie Theme** - Samantha graced the lens once again, bringing a high-fashion flair to the Barbie-inspired set. With a custom ponytail wig and a stunning Barbie Jeep found at a bargain, this shoot blended childhood dreams with a dash of drag persona, creating a vibrant visual spectacle.


These exclusive sessions were a fusion of creativity, storytelling, and the magic of Halloween. Each model brought a unique essence to the enigmatic themes, unveiling the hidden stories behind the lens.

👻🎃📷 **Don't Miss Out on the Next Adventure! First Come, First Served.** 📷🎃👻

My next mystery shoots will not be until 2024, see you in the new year!

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