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Iris Folk Medicinals - Sinless sipping

It's been a while y'all! I am slowly transitioning into TWO new blogs a month. That's about all I can handle, but I know you guys love these.

I did these amazing product photograph for Iris Folk Medicinals featuring her new mock-tail alcohol-less tinctures. If you'd like to buy

I am obsessed with the moodiness of these images and creativness. I also adore these products and recommend them to anyone who is sober or sober curious.

This is what Iris says about the products:

Genaissance is a gin flavored herbal glycerin that invites you to have moments of Bliss, booze free. This spiritless concoction is a fun project by two creative Asheville herb enthusiasts. As herbalists we wanted to cultivate new, tasty experiences that transcend parties, and Bar, Mocktail or cocktail. Genaissance is a versatile alternative.



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