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Mardi Gras 2024 New Orleans

My adventures to New Orleans are no new adventure. My sister Emiliana lives here and I've been going yearly (or more) for the past eight years. I've been during Mardi Gras season four times, but this year I went during the actual day!

You can watch the youtube videos here:

The first parade was red beans during the day. everything was made out of beans!!!

Beautiful Mississippi at sunset

Punk night parade of chaos

the actual day, FAT TUESDAY MARDI GRAS.

This is forever a magical place for myself and others.

The group costuming Emiliana created:

Collective Grief

æIn our ever-connected city, we live, love, grieve Feeling each other's heartbreaks as our own, Experiencing love and laughter together, A warm bath of comfort for our woes.

But this past year, it broke us all, I shattered into a thousand pieces, Within me, things died, friends were lost, The world itself seemed to be dying.

In that darkness, I wanted to fade away, We faced our collective demise, Tears pooled within our city's heart,

Uncertain if I could survive, as some did not.

I wept for my broken heart,

And our city wept for all our broken hearts, But now, our true new year dawns upon us,

Leaving behind parts of ourselves; a thousand tiny deaths.

At that grave, I'm grateful to be here, Wearing my heart on my sleeve,

Scattering my broken hearts to the wind,

Hoping they find each other, symbolizing our collective healing.

This costume l've made is an ode, A tribute to the community I rely on, Without you, I wouldn't be here, With love and thanks, I honor you.

Thank you."

-Emiliana Stein

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