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Urban Oasis studio self portraits

So, let as y'all know, I've been living in Denver for the past three months. I found this amazing studio in Denver – the Urban Oasis studio space on Peerspace!

Renting this epic dark black and gold studio turned out to be the creative fuel I never knew I needed. Seriously, it's like stepping into a photographer's dream come true. If you want to see the whole behind the scenes process, head over to patreon to see it:

If not....let me paint you a picture of what awaits you at Urban Oasis: moody vibes, a touch of luxury, and an atmosphere that practically begs your creativity to flow.

The studio is a designer-decorated boutique boudoir and portrait wonderland. And oh, the natural light! It's like having your own personal spotlight, creating those dramatic looks effortlessly – no need to mess with artificial lighting.

Now, let's talk about the space itself. Exposed brick walls, black brick walls, matte charcoal gray walls – this place is an aesthetic feast. And did I mention the three chandeliers? They're the icing on the already stunning cake.

A vintage gold and glass vanity, a clawfoot tub (not hooked up to water, but who cares when it looks that good?), a luxurious black velvet bed – the place is decked out with all the right elements for creating magic in your photos and videos. The details are impeccable – a gold-framed faux alligator wall art, an emerald green tufted velvet chaise lounge chair, a brindle cowhide rug – it's like they raided Pinterest and brought it to life.

And let's not forget the lighting game – Edison lights with dimmers, floor and side lamps for evening bookings. It's like they thought of everything. With large windows facing east and west, you're blessed with that dreamy natural light all day long. Mornings, in particular, are a photographer's paradise filled with glorious sunlight.

I recently used this space to whip up some promo shots for my newest burlesque show, and let me tell you, the results were fire. The ambiance and aesthetics of Urban Oasis added that extra flair that my shots needed.

If you're in Denver and in need of a space that's not just a backdrop but an essential part of your creative process, give Urban Oasis a go. Trust me; your photos will thank you later!

xoox Vee

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