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MOJAM Destination Wedding

MOJAM stands for Molly & Jameson! I loved this couples combination of their names.

I had the pleasure of traveling up north to Washington to photograph these two love birds wedding.

Molly and I know each other from Sober Flow Arts online and met officially in 2021. It’s always amazing when I get to meet people online and we become friends.

The reception was in The Eaton hotel. All the guests stayed here, including myself, and each room at the record player in it. It was truly a stunning place.

Molly and her party got ready here.

The wedding ceremony was in the Annunciation Church.

Afterwards we took photos in the Bishops Garden at the Washington National Cathedral.

Molly and Jameson picked Sunflowers as their wedding theme because Jameson bought Molly these early into their dating. They also spent a lot of time chatting on different benches when they first started to date, so these cute photographs were very important to tell their story!

Then we went back for the reception at The Eaton. Molly created this sunflower wellness shot costume that greeted us for this performer and it was a huge hit.

Molly is a full time performer and she did this amazing LED performance with her ATL crew.

She even did a solo dance with Jameson. Jameson has the best dance dips I’ve ever seen!

This was such a magical destination wedding and I got to see a lot of the behind the scenes. I am so grateful for each destination wedding I do and I can’t wait for the next one!

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