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Rachel, Randy & River

My first shoot of June 2022 was a creative family photoset for Rachel, Randy & River! I photographed their wedding, Christmas photos and other special events and it was so special to do their first family photo!

Rachel says: "We don't want basic family photos." And I LOVE that. We both came up with a family picnic idea with a pastel clothing theme. I am obsessed with this sneakers and the over style of their outfits.

We picked one my favorite locations in Charleston, SC which is Hampton Park during sunrise. It gets really hot in this location but in the morning the golden light is so pretty but it's still cool out. PRO TIP: always bring bug spray for these locations!

The details of the shoot make the vibe of this shoot unique and showcases their personalities.

I adore the little moments I captured with them together interacting. My favorite images are the ones where you can see who they are and their love.

So much gratitude for this adorable family and their joy. I can't wait for our next photoshoot and all the creativity that comes from them.

xoxo Vee

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