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Taylor & Connor NYC Wedding

Summertime is NYC is so romantic .... it's always so magical. When Taylor came to me about her elopement in Brooklyn, I was so excited. Everything was divine timing. We both met in Charleston, and we were both visiting the city the same time.

Connor and Taylor are both artists and now a married couple who create art together. Taylor paints while Connor builds the canvases.

They wanted to read their vows to each other under the Brooklyn Bridge. It was my first time being in this park, which it is now one of my favorite parks in the city. We came to the location and there was an ecstatic dance show happening under the bridge. Every moment felt dreamlike and cinematic.

The joy and energy that was captured was pure. These are the love moments I love to capture and live for.

The golden hour was bathing all around us and although there were many people around. It felt like it was just them two,

I also wanted to create art for them to keep forever, so I edited their vows over two of my favorite imagres for them to keep.

Congrats Connor & Taylor!!

xox Vee

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