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Trap Church Photoshoot

Welcome to the trap church! This location is in Greenville, South Carolina on the side of a very busy highway. We went with the "spring breakers look" and of course you know I jumped on this. I had a pink money gun on deck and I borrowed the supreme nerf guns from my friend Iris and Michael.

^ Kelsey

Not only did I shoot this but I also modeled in it. I had this really amazing bunny mask in Tiffany blue from get lost perv and I really want to create a look around this. I didn’t have to buy any outfits so it was really easy for me to be on set with the models .

^ Whitney

Marissa organized a Content Day where we all buy outfits and all invest in creating art with each other. I used to do a lot of trade shoots, but I no longer do them due to people canceling and feeling taken advantage of. It’s always amazing to create art with people who put in just as much commitment as I do.

^ Marissa

I really enjoyed the set even though it was difficult with cars honking at us the whole time. Everyone showed up with their best behavior and put their whole soul into it. I enjoyed how everyone’s personality showed through with each model and we all had unique props in their outfit colors.

^ Catt

I shot alongside Chelsea who runs Thistle and Ivory photography who I always love shooting with. She is very chill and has a unique shooting style. I adore having female photographers as my friends rather than seen as competition. I think it’s very important in the industry to have friends and people you can bounce ideas off of.

^ Chelsea on set

After we left the trap church, we went to this abandoned playground down the road. Chelsea had suggested we shoot in the evening with flash and I haven’t done a shoot like this in so long. I forgot how much I enjoyed shooting in the style and how creepy the images come out.

When I was editing these I added some overlays of broken glass and had a lot of fun with them. What is your favorite image?

Models information and Instagrams:

Vee - @vibratingvisions

Courtney -@Thistleandivoryphotography

Cat Purple - @Scorpio_dreams_

Whitney Yellow - @babygirltvfans

Kelsey Blue - @_floralburrito

Marissa Pink - @marissaroseflows

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