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Chase & Michael

One of my favorite things about my job is when clients come to me with wild ideas and trust me to execute these dreams into reality. C & M got married and wanted to create an elopement, couple shoot in the mountains of Asheville, NC to celebrate their twin flame energies. They described their love as once in a life time and speaking the same language. I hope one day everyone finds a human that is on this level with them. Some of the ideas that came up were black leather and the glow of the sunset upon the mountains.

In my mind, the location came in clearly. There is an overlook I took the two love birds to and they were both game to climb the intense hike. I kept telling them it was worth it, but it's not an easy task. WE MADE IT! We did two different looks while we laughed and talked during this lively set. I am grateful to be able to capture Michael & Chases love and how they make each others light bright. Cheers to these beautiful humans and their love!

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