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Ciara & Joe Family Photos

Back again at my all time favorite spot in Hampton park!

I had done Ciara's pregnancy photos back in 2015 on the beach and I was excited when she texted me asking when I was going to be back in town! I had a few creative ideas.

The kids were not super thrilled about this shoot, but I was up for the challenge. As the oldest of five sisters.... I know how to turn anything into a game. I had the sisters use the beach palms for an affect with their parents and they loved helping.

Ciara had showed me an inspiration photos with a beautiful mirror.... we made these beautiful photos come to life.

I wanted to use some of the baby photos, and man.... this was an awkward pose to master! I always say; "if it feels wrong, it's right!" with poses like these. LOOK HOW CUTE!

I wanted to showcase the siblings personalities and look how cute they turned out.

Next I had hunted down this wooden ladder for an idea of mine. Let me tell you... it's hard to find these anymore. I purchased this one so now it is in the family of props I own.

I am so blessed to have repeat friends & clients and it's one of my favorite things to see these people grow and evolve. Being chosen over and over again to explore and create is a special gift to be given. I don't take this for granted. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

xoxo Vee

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