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Mystery Shoots

💡The way these photoshoots worked is by picking a random concept before the client knows what it is! I had a few solo options or ones with other people 💡

The post:

"These are all visions I’ve been wanting to play around with and bring to life. Each one is different from anything I’ve shot, story boarded and includes props/ accessories hand picked by me. I want to give back with discounted sessions for my clients who want to get creative with me but haven’t been able to access them. 🎉

I will tell you what to wear, bring and it will be a surprise the day of. It’s a great experience to be art! After you pay the deposit, we can set the date for the shoot. All of these are in my studio (Asheville NC) and each model gets 15 edited photos. 🪞all bodies, all genders & no you don’t need modeling experience! Don’t pass up this opportunity ‼️ they were all come, first serve.

Shout out to @theeditorialstyle for inspiring this idea 💡 and being an inspiration and amazing person to talk with.

Concept 1

One model

*Must be comfortable with being messy

  • pour paint on person in studio with Autumn ! This was her first time modeling. She did amazing.

Concept 2

Two models

*must be comfortable with makeup application

  • Disco balls on face, broken disco look, multiple mirrors

  • Hand held mirrors with photoshop with tripod multiple hands

I got Charlcia (she drove 5 hours!!) and Tesla from Greenville. They both were super playful and shared a lot of props. I was really worried about building this set and it was the most expensive one to build and research. I think it came out well.

Concept 3

Three models

-pearls and rich looking with lighting and red cloth. I ended up doing a pink hue instead and added the gold cherubs I found at the goodwill. I shot Pax and Foxy for this one! One of the models was sick and unable to come.


One model

  • Gloves

  • Black hair clips

This one I taped flowers all over the backdrop and Katie the model was so expressive and playful making this shoot easy!

Which one is your favorite ? I’ll be announcing an outdoor version of the mystery shoots

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